Life through the lens...

By ValC

Pretty Polly

My Flaming Parrot tulips are just beginning to open.
As you can see we have had more rain today.
Doing the garden good.

We have been over to friends this afternoon as I got a phone call from Paul to say that Mary had my runner bean plants ready for planting out.
Had a coffee and catchup, before a quick look round the garden.
Like me she loves her garden. Always has something different.
Today she had theeee most gorgeous Tree peony in full flower. Unfortunately the rain and wind had spoilt them but still looked fabulous.
Enormous flowers of deep pink.
Didn’t have my camera or that would have been my blip for Flower Friday.
( must make a note for next year)
So it is my tulips in the rain.
Two different varieties on as extras.

Not sure what to expect tomorrow. Don’t like the sound of Storm Hannah.
Hope it doesn’t do too much damage.
Stay safe everyone, and hope you have a good weekend.

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