Life through the lens...

By ValC


The day started bright and sunny.
A look out of the window and I spotted the woodpecker having a good old feed on the half coconut ( filled with fat) which is hanging on his tree.
After breakfast I topped up our feeders.
Watched Beechgrove. What a great programme.
We had a coffee break and then set off on our walk.
Sunday is always busier. Usually runners and cyclists which we don't see during the week.

We met a couple who were looking at where the old railway used to go under a bridge. Now all filled in.
I was able to tell them a little of the history of the line, and where it used to go.
About where the station used to be, and then of course they realised why a pub in the next village was called “ The Railway”.
We had a lengthy chat about the village, Bradford, and places we liked to walk.
( All at a distance of course)
So lovely to physically talk to people during lockdown.

After lunch we tied up the climbing rose which had blown down when we had the wind a few days ago.
Also had to fix the wind chimes which were falling off the wall. Partly caused by the rose.

Then watched a lovely programme on Sky Arts ( my favourite channel)
It was about the life and career of the opera singer Renee Fleming.
Those if you in the USA will certainly know of her.
What a beautiful voice, and a beautiful lady too.

Have just had a knock on the window and F. Was there with a huge piece of rainbow cake which her daughter had just baked.
See extra. A rainbow cake on a rainbow plate!
Looks yummy, and we will certainly have it for afters.

The weather, although warm, has now turned cloudy. I think there will definitely be a change tomorrow. Hope we get some rain!

So take care, stay safe, and keep smiling.

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