Keith B

By keibr

Morning Walk

Looking after Rusty means a morning walk for one of us, but this morning we went out together. A shortish trip down to the lake. It was cold when we set out but by the time we were coming home the sun was warming us and the jackets came off. Rusty isn't really this small, it's a trick of perspective!
Other news is that we have to submit our tax returns by May 2nd but we did it today. It took a few hours in the day, then we left it a while, realised some mistakes, corrected them this evening, and finished submitting them a few minutes ago. It's a strange mix of paper work and online but Jan is suited to keeping control of real paper piles while I enjoy the online stuff so we make a good team!  Rusty doesn't pay tax so he slept through our work.
This is a backblip. Today's blip; "Daphne and the Green Butterfly" can be found here.

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