Monkey Business

Oh, my!

Aziz Ibrahim and Inder Goldfinger never thought Ian Brown's Unfinished Monkey Business got quite the recognition it deserved and Aziz felt it was a misunderstood statement after the demise of the Stone Roses.

It didn't help that Ian Brown got pissed on a plane soon after that and ended up doing time - so it all went a bit pear shaped.

In particular, Aziz complains to this day that people completely missed the point of the album (self published and funded by Brown) simply because they can't read.

Tonight he and master percussion guru Inder Goldfinger brought their "finished" Monkey Business to the Unitarian Church in south Liverpool. All done with Ian Brown's blessing.

And what a gig. These guys know their instruments and how to make them work. But most of all they know how to grab a room by the neck and shake it about. 

Don't ever fall for the rock < art thing.

It was absolutely stunning.

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