By MstrWWR

Afternoon tea?

Although you can just about see it... Sat, perched ontop a a broken branch is an Osprey having its afternoon tea: a large fish, in which was freshly caught and served that second.

We watched for quite awhile from afar with the help of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, whom provide splendid equipment, coffee and shelter.

As the osprey devoured it's dinner, we saw it fend off against two large guls whom saw sense and flew away. However a small young crow, cocky and crafty attempted to sneak in... Hopping diligently in; upon the branch the crow sneaked to steal a snack, whilst the Osprey turned its back... Unsurprisingly the osprey soon defaulted back to its snack, and thus gave the young crow a whack. You'd think it would be as simple as that... But the cocky crow kept coming back...

---- I don't know about you, but I always find Looking through a telescope, through a lense is always like looking into another world... Another story. It's always fun, and I suppose always contains some form of mystery... Or at least that's how I see it. But then again, I may be mad... So, how do you see it? If you didn't read my description... What do you think was happening or had happened? What do you see? What's your story? :) ---

Photograph was taken using my Pixel 2 phone and a telescope from the Scottish Wildlife Trust, in the Montrose Basin, of the River South Esk...

Thoroughly recommend going if you want to observe some of the most fantastic, and most beautiful birds... There's lots to see :)

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