... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mount Pond: Caught Out

Funnier faces in large.
Cautious Cayuga
Coot and Cayuga
Too shy to take from hand...
Mallard (f) shaking

My mother and I swung by Mount Pond after a Black Lab coffee... Very unusually, the Cayuga was not just NOT being aloof, but was actually out of the pond! I've only blipped it off the water once before, and it was nice to spend time close to it as it pottered about near the cafe and on the boardwalk. I only had the little Canon, but that offered different opportunities (v. low angle shots &c.), even if critical focussing was trickier...
My mother fetched some oats from the car, and the Cayuga was too cautious to take them directly from her hand, but it came pretty close.

Others here (or right from Cayuga is much bigger than its mallard forebear)

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