... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Norbury Hall Park: Expectant and Expectorating

More expressive in large.
Holly blue in the spotlight
Squirrels: Bouncing once, Bouncing twice, & Flying supersquirrel 

Im and I ventured into Norbury Hall Park for our early afternoon amble.
We found this female parakeet (on the left here) preening outside the nesting hole in the twisty tree, and she was looking very ragged so I reckon she's been on the nest. The male (on the right) then landed next to her, and proceeded to regurgitate and feed her for a few minutes before zooming off to forage again, and she returned to the nesting hole... I'd not seen that before!
I also photographed a wood pigeon collecting wood, and several squirrels bouncing around and posing, amongst other things.

Others here (or right from Rather ragged)

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