Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Gus in bluebells

It was a day of occasionally heavy showers with sunny spells. With Wifie away for the day, Gus and I went on an expedition in the afternoon to a bluebell wood near Witherslack. We were hoping for one of those sunny spells to coincide with our visit, but alas all we had was a downpour as we were starting to head back.

The bluebells are at their zenith early this season, rapidly brought on by the Easter heat. This woodland of ash and sycamore coppice is on an undulating slope, so the bluebells appear in waves. It's unusual in the dominance of bluebells, there are only small patches of ramsons, stitchwort and dog's mercury rarely adding variety to the predominant blue haze. The sweet pervasive scent of bluebells is as impressive as the sight of them.

I guess this wood is locally well known, though I didn't know of it until two years ago when our friend Alison took us there. Today there were only two other people taking photographs, and mercifully there were no parties of perambulating nude men as experienced by NickyR in her visit to a local bluebell wood.

If we have a good day tomorrow, Gus and I will bring Wifie and hopefully Alison too to see the wood while it is still at its best.

For those who prefer their bluebell woods Gus free, their is an extra without him.

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