A day in the life

By Shelling


Where I live there is an older part of the estate attached to the house I live in. It used to be the place the old people moved to after the oldest child took over the farm, very simple accommodation but nobody's lived there for many years, those days are gone. 

The old house, built in the 16 hundreds are still there but not in use anymore, apart from the woodshed and a small toolshed. It serves as a welcome when entering the main building and it has a nice window, under which I planted summer flowers in a flower box. They will look nice in a few weeks, making me feel welcome home after being away. 

Today was a work day at the canoe club, I do a little kayaking when there's time and my back isn't hurting. Some twenty of us members mended things on the buildings, tidying up the jetties and making it look nice for the season. Me and a couple of others put a cabinet up containing a heart-starter on a wall outside the clubhouse. Those starters are getting common all over the country, you'll find them all over town in public places, ready to serve if someone should have a serious heart problem. Most people working for the council, schools or hospitals, of course, have had basic training in handling the starters which have led to a dramatic decrease of casualties caused by heart failure. I have also had training, since I work at the theatre occasionally, every second counts and it feels good to be able to help should the accident arrive.

The paddling season has already started for some, I'm looking forward to my first paddle of the year, good to know we can help paddlers at the club too. Blips to come from some trip, I hope.

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