A day in the life

By Shelling


During the last storm in early March some of the tiles fell off the roof of the barn and others got out of position. The barn is about 18 meters high and there are no ladders high enough to reach where the top ones fell off but luckily the farmer next door just bought a used skylift that my landlord could borrow. He's not fond of heights at all, especially as a lift of this kind isn't stable at all but jerks and sways quite a bit. 

My landlord is 75 years old now and has done this before but it was quite scary for him to begin with but the neighbour, his daughter and me were on the ground encouraging  him, helping him point out the right tiles and cheering so after a while he thought it was ok. He did a good job and was glad when it was over. Hopefully this was the last time he has to do anything like this again. 

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