One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Savage fun

A day filled with stage-related fun.

First, with the matinee of]Ubu Roi or the Shite King as it was translated for this Dublin premiere of the play at the Lexicon. 
Delightful. And I am not biased. And if I am totally objective,  Luca was brillant as Mère Ubu,
There was a rather stern "no photography" warning before the start of the play, so the camera stayed in the bag. Which was actually quite nice! 

Then a trip south to Bray for the David McSavage gig that was Mrs Raheny's Christmas present. The man is as dangerous and politically incorrect as ever. Not everyone's cup of tea as he is absolutely fearless. To a dangerous point. The man is angry and yes, fearless, and funny. If you have a thick skin. 
So delightfully politically incorrect, coming from an old Fianna Fail family. 
Mrs Raheny and I had many belly laughs tonight. Especially me (I am well-endowed in the belly department). 
Even when that bollix was taking the piss out of the Irish Times-reading crowd that swims at the 40 Foot. 
His Bray jokes (and song) seemed to go down reasonably well with the residents of Bray. 

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