As day begins to close.....

.....the air is brisk......

Smoke drifts up into the sky as fires begin to roar.
People gather for their evening meal while cats slink off ready for the evening prowl. 
Naked branches of poplar trees quietly sway in a light breeze against a delicately layered sky. 
As the sun begins to set it lightly touches fluffs of clouds turning them a diffused gold.
This is the scene as I stand alone looking in awe at the sky above as day begins to close.

Thank you for your lovely words yesterday, mum is home after a wonderful time away, today she's been quietly relaxing and gathering her thoughts. 

I've sorted out some camera gear which will be going to a new home, a photographer who is just starting out in the world of photography. I so remember those days 9 years ago and appreciated any little tip or advice which came my way. I really hope she joins blip but perhaps she'll feel her way first.

Have a great week everyone :)

PS I'm excited to welcome Debs to blip. Do pop on over and say Hi and to meet the adorable Gordon :) 

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