Long legs.....

......no not daddy long legs, just the long thin legs of a katydid, now basking in raindrops.....

A rather dismal day, light rain, calm but only 11C, it's supposed to get worse tonight. I hopped outside with the Sony, in the rain, to see if the katydid from the other day was still around and he is. Thought he may've been under a leaf but no, his long legs are a good anchor for raindrops. The background is the golden leaves of a magnolia mingling with a white flowering camellia, pretty I thought.

Other news.....A is having a ball. She's been to Amsterdam, Hirschberg in Germany, Brunnen in Switzerland and is currently in Munich.....next stop Venice for 2 nights. Really enjoying hearing from her and receiving photo's :)

Saturday.....a slow wet day under grey skies, feeling like comfort food - homemade meatballs and spaghetti for dinner tonight, keeping it easy.

Happy Saturday everyone :)

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