By Bradders


Woke up super tired today. Mentally and physically.

I guess the reef took a lot out of me. Didn't really do much at all today, stayed in the hostel. Its expensive to do any activities in cairns because of the tourism business and didn't feel like going for a run in the intermittent rain showers.

I'll move to a hostel by the bus stop tomorrow, might go for a run from there or catch something at the cinema.

Struggling to find my crowd here in cairns, I'm content at the mine (good food, good accommodation, decent work) and I'm happy volunteering on the reef (good perks, social environment). But the time I spend in cairns not working or volunteering... It's a little isolating.

Photo- cairns beach, apparently it used to have a pristine white beachfront, but as the town developed and big sail ships needed to get in for trade, they dredged a channel through the estuary, 30 years after that the beach looked like this and has done for over 100 years.

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