By Bradders

New digs

So I moved hostels again, I was getting bad vibes from the last one. This one has been rated best hostel in Australia a few times, but when I first arrived in cairns they said that they didn't allow people to stay a long time.

I had a chill day, went for Turkish breakfast in town and then just chilled by the pool, reading, caring up on game of thrones.

In the evening they had an Australian barbecue for $14 (£8) and we got in a bus to go to it, we arrived at a very similar looking hostel and there we had a really social time. On the barbecue was. Crocodile, Kangaroo, Barracuda, Emu and beef sausages, I had everything, twice. After that there was a digeridioo(?) Lesson. I can't play the digeridioo.

Back to the hostel and sleep.

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