By schorschi

The Reason

Posting this 28th April 2019 having spent the last six weeks or more trying to carry out a crusade against Brexit. Many will say a pointless exercise & indeed I can't claim to have converted one single person. But I hope to have perhaps got at least one person to stop & think for a moment & perhaps in the secrecy of a polling booth, vote to keep the UK in the EU & help to reform & further develop it.
And this is why I have been doing it - for my children, my grandchildren and all young people in the UK who must have the same opportunities that I have enjoyed in the last nearly 50 years.

Grandson Elliot's 11th birthday in Ireland. A smashing young person who I would love to be able to spend more time with. In a few months, he will be here with his sister & parents - I am looking forward to it immensely.

By then my piece of his coffee birthday cake - also my favourite - will no doubt have been devoured - sadly.

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