I Witness

By KangaZu

Silly Saturday ....

.... topsy turvy.

It was sooooo windy today that everything was topsy turvy .... even my photographs!

Of course that didn't stop us from getting out for our normal Plainfield Rail Trail walk .... where we saw some very interesting things today!

As we started our walk we noticed way up in a tree what appeared to be a large animal (not pictured here).  It was too big to be squirrel.  It wasn't moving so we thought that it might be dead.  We made a lot of noise to see if it would move but there was no movement at that time .... so we continued down the trail.

At the spot where the tree fell last week we saw a bunch of dead millipedes .... very creepy! There must of been hundreds of them .... mostly on the old fence posts.  And there were more further up the trail. You have to wonder why they were all above ground .... and dead. 

On the way back to the car we again stopped at the tree with the animal in it to see if it had moved.  It didn't appear to have moved so we tried again.  Finally after what seemed like ages I saw a slight movement in it's head .... I could then tell it was a raccoon.  Again ... you have to wonder why the poor thing was up so high in the tree and was it okay.  Only time will tell .....

I hope you don't mind more chipmunk pictures!  This is the only place that we have been seeing them.  Sadly at home I've only seen one chippy and that was way back in March.  Haven't seen him in our backyard since. :-(

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