By HeidiHH


Sunset and a bird...

This morning after grocery shopping for tomorrow's hike and doing laundry, I walked to the beach. Took a swim. And then dried for a while and walked back. It felt great. It feels like proper summer!

Again not many people swimming. Just a few, but the beach was enjoyed by plenty of people. It was nice to just lie there and watch people go by and make their areas and relax. Everyone seemed to be cheerful.

After my walk back I went to see Jen and saw another neighbor too who showed my all the mold they got to their bedroom after their roof leaked with the rains during Easter. I feel so sorry for them. Terrible. New house and this happens.

For afternoon we had our Finnish friends come over for cup of coffee. That was nice.

Rest of the evening has gone bye by preparing for tomorrows hike to Sierra de Moratella in Murcia about 2 hours drive away from here.

The plan is to drive to Inazares which is a village that is the highest inhabited village in Murcia. We'll leave the car there and start our walk towards Obispo peak that is at 2015 meters above sea level.

It's about 14km in total with elevation of 800 meters. My legs have gone to cooked spaghetti with 550 meters of elevation, so this will be a real challenge to me. I hope I can make it. I'm sure my husband who cycles 10 000 miles(!) / year has the leg power to do it. I think it will all come down to how steep it is. How big steps one needs to take to advance. This time will take the bastones (walking sticks) with us, so that should help a lot. We also have a new rucksack  for husband to carry and I'll try to have a lighter backpack myself.

So wish me good luck for conquering the "Bishop peak". I've been waiting for this since the beginning of winter.

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