Evening walk

A day spent working in the living room - the wallpaper has all been hung, and MrM is getting on with the woodwork. Slow progress, but it's in the right direction and we're getting there!

After a day indoors, we both felt the need for some fresh air and exercise so, after we'd eaten, MrM drove us to Carey Burn Bridge for a walk up to the woods and back. (The same walk that we did in the middle of March, but at a faster pace!) We didn't get there until after 7.00pm, and it wasn't long before the sun disappeared behind the hills. The Blip of Hedgehope Hill (to the right) with Housey Crags in front of it was taken from the bridge as we started off. Spotted numerous bunnies (hundreds!) and hares, several deer, and lots of different birds. Getting dark as we reached the car.

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