Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Dubai Mall

G groaned when she saw me taking this picture, but I just love this area so much! The light is always different; the angle too, come to think of it, and today, it was remarkably quiet in Dubai Mall, as evidenced in this photograph.

We were in the Mall to sort out the telephone data plans - the job we tried to do last Monday but we couldn't because the current contract had to come to an end first.

That done, G bolted to her favourite kitchen shop (Think Kitchen) and got herself a lazy susan cheeseboard. We also noted the nursery tank of the Aquarium. I'm sure I've not seen that before. It was so interesting to see baby sharks, sting rays and other miscellaneous baby fish!

I wish the health insurance was as easy to renew as the mobile phone plan! :(

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