Wall flower

I didn’t sleep well – my sore bits were too sore.  Needless to say I was shattered this morning, and my body ached.  The boys went off to rugby and I agreed to wander down in due course.  It was a sevens tournament today, the first time BB has played sevens,  I got there towards the end of his first match.  It was a nice morning for watching, but there was a chill in the air – which kept making itself felt.

BB played his heart out and as ever got really stuck in.  Alas, they were unlucky, just losing all of their matches – but some great playing – especially as it was their first time at sevens.  We headed home and while I was hanging my washing out, I remembered that I was helping at the primary school jumble sale – so had to quickly grab something to eat and head back to the school. 

The usual venue is closed for refurbishment, so they were holding it in the school, which is a bit off the beaten track.  I feared it would be quiet, and it was.  That gave me a good chance to catch up with friends!  BB and TT wandered down later, but they came for the home baiking!  TT won a jigsaw in the raffle and we picked up a few books from the book stall – but that was it. 

It was nice to be able to walk away at he end, without responsibility for clearing up.  BB went off with a friend, while TT and I went into town, then for a little wander, before heading home.

Later the boys went to church in Dunbar, and I went for a wander to West barns.  We picked up fish and chips on the way home, before TT and I settled down to Line of Duty.

This wallflower was glowing on a gloomy evening.

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