Games at the surgery

Mr B got a cancellation (luckily) and prescribed antibiotics for bronchitis. So with luck he’ll be on the mend. He seems improved.

I’m a bit better. If still not 100% have an appointment for Friday (booked weeks ago). Cancelled dental lab and will arrange when we’re 100%.

Otherwise been one of those days. Found GP erroneously cancelled 2 of Mr B’s routine meds, and additionally Boots forgot to send a reminder to collect the ones they did have. Luckily sorted.

And have been unable to get into and then check Experian reports for Mr B. After 8 weeks and speaking for hours to a million people in the company, now they are saying their system won’t accept his surname, so he has to use an alias for his name. How absurd. (Yet it accepts me with the same surname). Will take 7 days to see if this works.

Coming to the conclusion ‘Stop the World, I want to get off’. (Don’t worry, only joking). But seriously, how do these companies and the NHS survive?

And then to crown it all. I read M&S has vegan hot cross buns. So on the way back from collecting at the chemist popped into Westbourne branch. No vegan hot cross buns, and (nice) bakery assistant was unable to identify anything vegan fresh or packaged.

Blip is for today’s Mono Monday, hosted by TRYFAN46, theme move, moving,movement. The image is of a child playing in the surgery waiting area.

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