Night Trees

9pm. Another day of non-stop calls And chats. Mainly from friends and family I rarely speak too (not because we aren’t close or don’t want to).

Started off with a school friend (primary and grammar), who I’ve only seen twice and chatted to a handful of times since then. She was due to come and visit (from London) the first weekend of March. Sadly I chickened out (Covid-19).

We used to spend hours on the phone comparing homework. She (just) beat me at English and French. I beat (just) her at Maths and Latin. So healthy competition.

In the end I didn’t do too badly, but she is a professional at the top of her field.

The day has flown. Only did one long set of steps, I usually try and get on the balcony 3 or 4 times. Nevertheless will somehow achieve 7000 (5km+). So could be worse

Unpacking and cleaning a delivery. Thought it would be too dark for RockArea’s Wide Wednesday Challenge: “Tree/Trees“. Hope you all appreciate I opened the balcony window in a howling gale/rain to get this image. Fortunately didn’t come out too badly.

Back to the kitchen. Doubt if I’ll have time for blip again tonight. We’ll see. Getting tired.

Buona Notte

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