Good old Ikea

This dish rack stands inside my IKEA washing up bowl. Clever sturdy design and inexpensive. Plus the added bonus of being perfect for Ingeborg’s Abstract Thursday challenge ‘Angles’.

Needed a bright entry. Today‘s been wet, windy, miserable. Feeling cold tonight, typical as the block’s heating goes off tomorrow. Luckily our flat is usually warm and rarely need extra help. .

Sort of repeat of yesterday. Calls and messages from a neighbour (complaining about issues in the block - all with good reason). And I received an email from the agents, with a cheeky, bizarre response to one simple question I raised, and no response at all to three others.

Made fresh wild garlic leaf & spinach soup, using a coconut milk broth, and drizzled with soya cream and lemon juice (discovered creamed coconut blocks - so useful - unlike tinned or fresh coconut milk/cream keeps for ages in the fridge). Absolutely delicious. Enough for 3/4 days. Mr B won’t even try it. All for me :)

Must forage for garlic leaves next year. Powerful aroma as we came down the Chines end February.

Now about to spend half an hour on my family tree and research – I was approached by a distant relative who wants to know exactly how we are related. We think we share the same great grandparents.

Good night everybody. Sleep well

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