Dill on the Cliffs

Picked dill yesterday. Seems to sprung up overnight. So today made good use of it for pickled cucumbers and a warm potato salad.

Popped into Boscombe for the first time in months. Bravely entered Lidl and Primark and bought few things. Checked out two new shops, a large Eastern European supermarket ‘Malinka’ (good selection, bought fresh yellow beans and mini cucumbers for the pickled cucumbers). The other shop, a vegan fast food eatery, has changed name and frontage, but otherwise same as was there previously. Collected our bread from M’s.

Miserable out. After a pleasant start, the weather deteriorated (sleet, rain, cooler).

Long chat with my new half sister-in-law. May have tracked down her half-brother in Italy (not on my husband’s G side of family). She knew about him, but didn’t know where to find him. Will try and call him tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekends

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