I Witness

By KangaZu

White-Throated Sparrow ....

... still hanging around!

But .... soon he/she will be off to their breeding ground far to the north of us!  I'm really surprised that there are still some left here in our neighborhood. 

I had planned on posting a picture of a moving squirrel for Mono Monday but when I processed the picture I didn't like it in mono .... especially the contrast.  So ... I was happy when I also got this picture of a white-throated sparrow. I don't think I have ever blipped one of these before even though they are regular winter visitors.  (I have just gone through and found that I have actually blipped these birds before! I guess I should have checked before I said that!)

I have also added an extra of a sweet little baby cottontail bunny that's been hanging around in the backyard for a few weeks.  It's the cutest, tiniest bunny ever!  I love Spring!

It looks like I need to apologize once again for my utter lack of almost all things relating to blipping.  Other than posting my pictures I have been an awful blip friend to all of you .... please forgive me!

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