I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday ...

.... same wildlife, different day.

As I like to do ... I spent the morning in the backyard photographing all the wonderful wildlife that comes to visit. I was also on the lookout for the Gray Catbirds and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.  The catbirds are late in arriving as last year my first sighting was April 23 at Housenick Park and April 25 at home.  I have been watching the hummingbird migration map for several weeks now and there have been some sightings semi-locally but I've yet to see any in our yard.  I've had the feeder up for several weeks already ... can't wait to have them back again. Hopefully soon!

I was hankering for some Chinese take out tonight so I called over to our favorite Chinese restaurant only to have the phone ring and ring and ring.  No answer.  We then did an extensive search for a Chinese restaurant that was actually open.  We finally found one that wasn't too far from home.  

We called to order some then went and picked it up to bring back to the house.  I enjoyed mine but R thought his wasn't as good as our normal go to restaurant.  When all the restrictions are lifted and the restaurants are all back open we will have to get some of our normal Chinese take away!

My extra is a photo with the answers to yesterday's "Spot the Difference" puzzle.  I have circled the differences with color coding the swapped items ... which counted as one each. 

COVID-19 by the numbers (as of 12:00 PM today 4/29/20):
Positive cases in Pennsylvania  - 44,366* (an increase of 1,102)
Negative cases in Pennsylvania - 170,517
Number of deaths in Pennsylvania 2,195-  (an increase of 479**)
Cases in Northampton County -  2,008 (85 deaths)

* Total case counts include confirmed and probable cases.

** 339 of these new deaths were reported at nursing and personal home care facilitates. 

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