a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Binary Decisions

Mono Monday: Movement - Binary Decisions

I am sure that there were any number of easier choices of subject with which to meet this week's MonoMonday challenge.  But you know how it is, you get an idea and by hook or by crook you are determined to make it work.  

I've had to composite two photos as a double exposure in the end to get the coin trail concept to work properly.  To show the movement of the coin I needed to use rear curtain sync with the flash, and a long exposure.  But while that potentially produced the trail it also allowed the coin flicking hand to turn into a blur, which wasn't quite what I was after either.  So I resorted to taking the moving coin and the hand separately in the end and then layering the one over the other.  What a faff that was!   

... and there goes another working week night folks.  People at work can't understand how I will be able to keep myself busy when I finally get to retire.  How little they know me!

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