A day in the life

By Shelling


First time I see one of these. It was obviously sowing or planting something but I had to look at the description on one of the boxes, now empty, containing what it is they have put in the ground. Fragaria x ananassa Rumba, -strawberries. Apparently they're planted early so they will bear fruit around our midsummer, the 21 of June, less than two months away. The machine plants one plant at a time in three rows, three people sits in the seats that you can see and feed the machine with plants. I didn't see them work since it was late in the day but maybe I can see how it's done tomorrow.

On Öland, where I live, there are lots of strawberry fields but most of them have old plants that stays over winter and then are tended to in spring, to be ready to set fruit for the season. I haven't seen anyone actually plant new strawberry plants before. 

Harvesting the berries in June attracts lots of pickers, some works for the farmer who then sells it to dealers but people are also coming to pick for their own needs only, paying by the liter. I'm already looking forward to go out and pick a pudding in a couple of months.

The extra shows a plague for a lot of people, pollen. I don't know a proper word for the "hangers" where the pollen is but as you can see it's a year especially rich on pollen from a variety of trees and bushes so people with allergies are having a very difficult time this year.

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