Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

The house with the turning circle

That's ours. We have a small turning circle outside our front door. It is truly circular, but I could not fly high enough to photograph it looking symmetrical!

When drivers try to turn around our circle, they find that they need to reverse and manouvre at least once. This is why the plants are often flattened by people who are determined to go around in one. Sigh!

Mum and I had another go with the new bath seat today. That was a success.

I dealt with festival calls.

Paul came and brought the surveyor who is drawing up the detailed plans of the new kitchen. We discussed it again and made more changes to the layout. I have until tomorrow morning if I want to make further changes. After that we are set in stone (sort of).

Maureen and Brian called after Brian's birthday lunch at the Battlesteads. Kate came to see Mum so it was very jolly with them all here (and me popping back and forth to discuss the kitchen.

Tonight I went to see the film Out of Blue at the Forum. It was a detective story with a difference. The damaged, alcoholic cop had a very different back story from the usual.

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