Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Going west day 4

Before we left the Buffalo River National River area we drove over to the Lost Valley where we found the trail head to Eden Falls.   The trail started out very well, paved and flat but about a half mile in things changed. 

 Clark Creek was actually underground along the trail until we started climbing up hill a little.  Then the trail became more rocky with large boulders along the sides of the hill.   We came upon a small waterfall which in the thumbnail photo.    There were about 10 flat rock steps cut in the side of the mountain opposite this location which led up to the top of this area...a natural bridge.     Joyce decided not to attempt the remainder of the climb to Eden Falls.   Me being I went.  

There were probably about 50 more steps with more rocks and roots.   It was a wonderful trail for me!  Forest Bathing in the deep woods with flowers.   At one point I actually walked in a little creek that spilled down from the left side of the trail to flow into the pool of the creek.   I came upon a huge cave area where the overhang was actually where Eden Falls fell from the top.    It was really hard to get a good angle to get this photo.    (Since I was by myself, I was not going to climb over rocks, etc to get the view!...but I wanted too!)     A great 2 mile walk for me!  

There were so many wildflowers growing on the trail.  The two in the collage were my favorites and I put one more in the extra.  

We drove 360 miles today to spend across Oklahoma to spend the night in Blackwell at I-35.   Tomorrow we have about an 8 or 9 hour ride to get to Denver. 

The weather was perfect for our walk but now it is raining and cold.  We should drive out of the rain tomorrow but the cold will still be around in Colorado for a few days.      

That sneaky Joyce posted photos of me so I will be sneaky too when she least expects it!!  

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