By schorschi


With all the abuse, misuse, hate .....  on the internet, there are some extraordinarily wonderful things it enables, not least Blip. Today I didn't seem to get away from blasting away at the enemy on Twitter so as to take a photo but was again rescued by the family in England & Ireland.

Son J WhatsApp'ed me with the photo of the Jeep, the identical make, model & colour as mine and even worse with the two first letter of the numberplate being my initials "GG". This registration is from Gross Gerau near Frankfurt, mentioned in a much earlier (1963) Blip.
He didn't panic that I had turned up unannounced as he knows all my 5 vehicle registration numbers contain "GO" rather than GG & this specimen was missing all the dents & bumps in it that mine has.

The bottom photo is of 9 eggs that my daughter had just received by post from a hobby German chicken breeder in Co. Mayo Ireland. They are eggs from "Swedish Flower" chickens that she & the children are going to put in an incubator. As the grandchildren are a bit too young to go on Fridays for Future strikes, they have now gone all Swedish having bought a newer used Volvo estate named Greta which son in law Barry collected in the UK a few weeks ago.

(With the hindsight of posting my Blips so late, I can say that only two chicks hatched three weeks later &  the family did a quick car drive over to the breeder to get another 9 eggs. When the family are over in summer, we are planning to get a batch of eggs from a breeder near us & hope they can get them through Memmingen Airport security without them being fried in the X-ray machine! Kate wants to have some "Foreign" blood in her new flock so as to avoid inbreeding.

The Swedish Flower chicken is an old farmyard breed that nearly died out, no doubt as, like most of these old breeds, they only laid about  150 eggs a year rather than the modern hybrids that are expected to lay 300!

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