Two for the price of one

Mae got up this morning & noticed right away that the daffodils that had been on the table were gone. She asked where they were, and I told her they'd all dried up so I'd thrown them out. She asked if we could get some more, and I told her I'd cut more when it stopped raining. I must have gotten asked 20 times over the next half hour if it had stopped raining, so I finally just went out and cut about a half dozen, stuck them in the vase, and handed the vase to her so she could put them on the table. She took about three steps and started yelling for me to take the vase back because there were "SUPER NASTY BUGS" on the flowers. I looked and said they aren't super nasty bugs, they're spiders. "OH ICK, I don't like spiders" says Mae. So I told her to just keep an eye on them in case they moved & ran to get my camera, since I needed something tiny anyway! Took this, then ran them outside to shake them off, so now all is well! I'm all packed and ready to go--have to be up early as the plane leaves at 6:30 tomorrow morning--providing we're on time I should be in Denver by 8:30. It's about a three hour flight, but we lose an hour in the air because they're in a different time zone than we are. Excited!   :))
Thanks, Ninniex, for hosting TinyTuesday! 

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