Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Sunrise over Stretton

I was heading for Weston Park.  Not somewhere I've visited early for sometime, but the weather forecast promised some interesting conditions.  It was as I passed Belvide reservoir, I just had to stop for this view.

Then it was on to the park and a visit along Tong Drive where the bluebells come out on a small knoll at this time of year, before the bracken swamps them and protects their bulbs from the summer heat.  I've added a couple of shots of them, one a Pep Ventosa technique and the other in portrait orientation.  I almost posted it as the main image, but I just don't think that computer screens do justice to images taller than they are wide.

The final shot is looking up into a magnificent purple beech that stands in front of the main house.

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