Very Symbolic

The British Embassy is very near to the Brandenburg Gate , a spot which marked the division of Berlin during the DDR era .Today it was lovely weather and a holiday atmosphere .The staff of the Embassy were excellent as was a high ranking German official ( he's amazed at how all here exist from  day to day not knowing what next and when ) Well attended  but seems my case is not going to be easy ., if at all possible . Most were minus dual citizenship (their choice ) but the German authorities have been decent over this .Many had little or no German language ...others it seems are not turning up for the chance to sort their affairs when invited  .It was thoroughly depressing and I came away feeling none too good . The press have covered the plight of EU citizens left minus health care ( in the event of a no deal ) but seems that UK  Island mentality  simply don't give a damm .. How much easier to slag Theresa May off, stick the knife in and have Corbyn and co vote  against everything for the sake of it . Division is now the order of the day in the official Brexit  debates      
No prizes for whose poem I'll be reading tonight .

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