By AMK81

Pin crazy

I had to get up a little earlier today because I had a dentist appointment. I struggled to get up and when I did get up I realised I'd taken the wrong tablet this morning and doubled up on one! Oops!

My mum rang the doctor's to see if it was a problem. They rang back whilst we were still at the dentist (still no fillings!) and advised me it would probably be ok but to go to A&E to get checked and maybe have an ECG. Which I thought was a bit over the top! But we did go - and waited for an hour in various waiting rooms to be told to go home and come back if I was sick or started getting tremors. So a bit of a waste of time - think my GP surgery were a bit over cautious!!

When I got home the post had come and more pins have arrived! I think I have a problem! Haha. I'm still waiting on a few more as well...

I've had a lovely lie out in the garden in the hammock for a while this afternoon - much more relaxing than waiting rooms! I listened to a podcast on my headphones whilst I was out there. Then I had a nap before tea. So I feel quite relaxed despite the odd day :)

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