Carol's ramblings

By Lucari

Bulbs ......

I thought all the bulbs had been and gone, but this one is still blossoming, I think I have white ones too :)

Over to AJ today, a trip to the bank and then shopping.

AJ has potentially tenants for her flat, now to start the ball going that end. Whilst it has been the plan all along, when you read it in black and white ...... it somehow makes it more final. Whilst the current environment is heaps better socially, practically getting to grips with restricted movement, sight impaired, frail and not owning the current environment means that adaptations cannot be made to make life easier. Positive attitude goes a long way.

Out to dinner tonight with my lovely friends (I know, again) who live down my road. This time a belated birthday outing, however decided that we did not need a birthday to go out. Looking forward to the next one. :)


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