hello again

By admirer


I am getting there, I mean with the clearing of the garage.
And I have sowed seeds in flowerboxes, for flowers to which insects and butterflies will be attracted. I have lots more seeds and I will sow each day a handfull.
We had a nice and long face whatsapp conversation with my sister, perhaps we will meet next week in Kassel to visit the waterworks on Wednesday. If the weather will be great.
In the afternoon we drove to Herstelle, parked the car and walked the very steep hill path. There had been a bench with a marvellous view but we knew that it had been removed and a fence placed.
We saw that the sheep had tumbled down part of the fence and walked freely in the field. They were curious and at the same time started to run when we came nearer. I followed them, camera with wide angle lens ready. They kept running, but there was one photo I have chosen for the Wide Wednesday Challenge. Huge thanks to Bobsblips for hosting this exiting challenge.
It was again a wonderful warm and sunny day. Our town was full of visitors, and the streets were overcrowded with cars.
Where we were we saw only one or two souls, and we liked the quietness of the place.

I have give my first silly hearts to pipersmom, Carolina, Marlieske, MerrilHope, and loisbiz.

I will tag my photo too for the Wild Wednesday Challenge with huge thanks to Cailleach for hosting.

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