Day to day today

By Jewels4663


Does anyone else do this? I quite often take a photo of something in a shop window when it's closed to remind myself to either go back for it or, if I can't, see if I can find it online. Anyone else?

I didn't really go out until this evening as it's my second-to-last day so I have been packing and cleaning. I also paid some bills and got my car insurance sorted out.

I went to Machynlleth this evening to meet one of my oldest friends for dinner. She lost her mum last year but I haven't seen her since. We had a lovely evening and catch up.

I arrived a little early and had a look down the high street. Saw these in the Deco Shop, but also saw a couple of new shops which looked interesting so I might try to go back tomorrow. This particular shop is where Laura Ashley's first ever shop was!

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