By Veronica


I had to quickly revise my choice of blip when I saw TickyTocky's :) Mine was almost identical (see second extra). So instead here's the trees and walkers shot that's becoming a bit of a cliché whenever I go on a walk.

After yesterday's late night we dragged ourselves out of bed early enough to meet TickyTocky and Mrs TT at the lighthouse on Cap Leucate (first extra). The weather looked a little unsettled, but the sky quickly cleared and even the wind dropped on this famously windy bit of coast. Perfect weather for walking in fact -- layers of clothing were rapidly removed. We had a very pleasant and not strenuous walk through the flower-dappled garrigue, through pine forest (extra 3, with Mrs TT demonstrating yoga positions)  and then along the clifftop above La Franqui back to the lighthouse.  8.3 km, 40 m climbing, 2 hours.

There's a Michelin starred restaurant there, but it's a little pricy, so we went into Leucate village for lunch at a bistro. Lots of good chat, and I learned a bit more about bell ringing. Apparently true bell-ringing nerds (of whom TT is not one) think nothing of travelling the world to ring bells, and some will also indulge in sessions of 18 hours of continuous ringing. Mrs TT asked them how they coped with, erm, bodily functions during the ringing. "We wear appropriate clothing," they replied. "Ergh!" we all cried in unison. I still find the concept of memorising a complex series of chimes and then coordinating them with up to nine other people mind-boggling.

Thanks TT and Mrs TT for an enjoyable day in good company, and hurrah for Blipfoto for bringing people together.

Yesterday's backblip.

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