By Veronica

All dressed up

... and nowhere to go. These parasols were installed immediately before lockdown on 13 March and are now looking rather forlorn. 

Big day today! S got up early, went for a run, and was back in time to serve breakfast in bed at 8. Then we both went for a walk along the beach as far as the Peñon (exactly 1 kilometre). It was very pleasant, not too many people and everyone keeping their distance while appreciating their first chance to walk on the beach for six weeks.

We were back by our curfew hour of 10 a.m. S stopped at the bakery, so we had a merienda on the terrace of cafe con leche and pastries. Then we had a Zoom call with S's family in three different locations. Luckily Zoom gave us an unlimited extension, because it took at least 45 minutes to get everyone online and able to see each other (or the carpet, in the case of S's mum, as her webcam had fallen on the floor behind the desk and she couldn't find it). Plus H and R's microphone wasn't working except to play roaring feedback so they had to type in the chat box. Still, we managed to have a bit of a conversation and hopefully it will be easier next time.

Lunch, cooked by S, was ensalada tropical followed by bream baked in salt, served with courgettes and new potatoes. Afternoon reading on the terrace plus a brief siesta.

We're allowed out again at eight, so we decided to head the other way, out of town to Cotobro. Again exactly 1 kilometre. I was looking forward to it, but this time there were so many people that it was like playing dodgems. Runners in particular don't do physical distancing, they just stick to their trajectory as if they were alone in the world, passing within inches of other people at times. Stepping into the road to avoid them meant dodging the hordes of speeding cyclists. So we'll rethink this walk in future. On the way back we could see that there were also dozens of people on the beach between us and the Peñon. Not that I'm blaming anyone except the runners, it was a lovely evening. Home just before 9, and it was still so warm that we sat on the terrace for a quick apero.

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