Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Toothsome Twenty Eight

Toothsome isn't a word you hear much and I'm not sure I've ever actually used it.  But the since one of the definitions is "attractive,  agreeable" I thought it was an apt description of Yardbird #28, the male Rose-breasted Grosbeak.  He is, certainly, both attractive and agreeable!  I can remember the very first time I saw one of these cardinal-sized birds in the yard - I was so excited.  To be fair, I still get excited when I see the first grosbeaks of the spring arrive.  Some years they will hang out in the yard a week or so before dispersing to their breeding habitat; other years there is just a fleeting look.  And since I don't know what this year will bring, I figured I'd best blip him today.  

Last night's presentation went very well and the audience was terrific.  They had loads of questions, which is always a good sign, and several hung around after to ask even more questions.  It was really a fun evening and I loved being able to share the amazing story of our N. American Monarch Butterflies.  

Day 3 of 5 at the gym today - cardio and weights.  I'll be sore tomorrow as I added a few things to my weight repertoire.  

Weather is glorious - high 70's and brilliant sunshine.  I made a trip to a nearby farm and bought a bunch of bedding plants as well as a couple of new perennials to replace some that didn't survive the winter.  

The little House Wren appears to have attracted a mate with his beautiful song and both were busy working on one of the nest boxes this morning.  And, the very first thing I heard when I went to put the bird feeders out this morning was the lovely song of a Wood Thrush in the woods behind the house.  There isn't a prettier song, in my opinion.  


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