Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Although I saw quite a few warblers today (finally!) I didn't get any good shots.  My excuse is that they were all way up high in the trees, and backlit on top of it.  Whatever...  Anyway, on my travels today I stopped by a part of our nearest state park (now open starting this morning) and snapped some shots of this wonderful barn door.  The whole barn is in terrible disrepair and I'm almost surprised it hasn't collapsed yet.  I'll pop a shot of the entire building, from the other side, in Extra.  I Find it kind of funny that the door is padlocked since the other side of the barn is totally open.  

I took myself off to Swartswood Park this morning, figuring that it would not be busy - I was right, it was very quiet.  I encountered a few people on the trail, but plenty of distancing and some had masks.  I wasn't going to go to any of the parks this weekend, but I really wanted to get out on this particular trail because it's good for spring warblers.  And it didn't disappoint.  

Back at home, I spent some time moving more phlox from one garden to another, as well as planting some salvia.  Tomorrow I am doing to dig up part of the garden to put in a small water feature.  I'm sure it will be much more challenging than the way I've just made it sound.

Thanks for the love on my squirrel yesterday.  I put out orange halves in anticipation of seeing orioles soon ... and the damned squirrels are now eating the oranges!  I may have to try putting the orange half in a suet cage - maybe that will slow the little stinkers down.

All of our numbers in New Jersey and New York continue to move in the right direction; that said, the loss of life remains just staggering to us all.

Stay safe, people.  Wear your masks with pride.  Be kind.


Covid Stats 
Total positives as of today in NJ- 123,717
Total deaths in NJ - 7,742
Total cases in Sussex County - 949, deaths - 114

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