Wanted - Orchidologist!

I remembered most of it.
Jerra and I have been to two orchid days now,  at two different locales as I recall; certainly 2 different speakers.
I usually increase my stock by buying ones at the end of their shop shelf-life, often at 1/2 price or less.
This Dendrobium (EXACTLY 1/2 price) was so far gone I had no idea its colour, and could only trust the label - looks promising though - we shall see.
I remembered NOT to hack off the finished flowering stalk; as if I would anyway. I see new growth coming, whereupon I expect, eventually, to see flowers.
I'm not sure if I forgot, or, more likely he didn't mention:-
The likelihood of side-shoots wasn't mentioned.
There are three new shoots, from the bottom, all throwing out roots.
There's a fourth, half way up one of the two old, flowerless, almost leafless, stems; also with 5 roots.
QUESTION - As it develops - do I leave it in situ, or can I start it on its own as a separate entity? And if so - when??

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