I've autographed the tree . . .

. . .  (for another milestone)  . . .   but I also went to Sandy Beach this noon - you never know what will turn up.   I figure this one is a bit like life really . . .  looming in the background!   haha

Delighted to be part of this stalwart group.  Appreciate all your help, and delightful comments, bright stars, and faves!   Really enjoy seeing the diversity here.  

Thanks to the fab4 who still work so hard on this site.   Thanks also to all of you who encourage participation, dreaming up new challenges and keeping the old ones going.

I view the stars as a kind of 'hello' - sometimes words elude me.   Feel free to do the same to me.

The extra is yet another day at the beach  . . .

*  I have made it a tradition to carve the numbers of the milestones into a leaf on my autograph tree - duly done.   But figure you'd rather see these exciting water shots instead of a leaf!

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