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Soft . . .?

Overcast today.  Lots more people out exercising, and lots of bikes (no race).   Lots more people in the water,  the waves were kinda mixed up to be able to surf easily.  Hardly any surf boards out.

The last thing to become immersed is the eloquent hand of his left arm in the extra.
I'll use it also to wave thanks for your fantastic response to my anniversary yesterday.   Heartwarming and most appreciated - thank you!

Morning newspaper headline  :  PROTESTORS ARRESTED AT RALLY
Protesting government restrictions aimed at stopping COVID-19 in Hawaii got three demonstrators arrested Friday at the state capitol.  The rally was organized via the petition website and brought out about 200 protesters to the "Re-open Hawaii Now" rally.

And  :  Virus hits Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders hard
Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders have become infected with the coronavirus at higher rates than other minority groups, including high-risk African Americans and American Indians in western states, according to the University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine.
They tend to work in jobs considered essential where they are at increased risk of contacting the virus.  They also tend to have larger families and live in multigenerational households.  The group also has among the highest rates of chronic disease and associated mortality, and high rates of smoking and vaping.   Once they get it, it can make symptoms and hospitalizations more likely.   This group is also disproportionately incarcerated and homeless.

As of Friday, the number of COVID-19 cases was 619 with 16 deaths.

And  :  Honolulu Ethics Commission OKs gifts for first responders
The commission voted on Friday to allow city police officers and other first responders to accept gifts from the public that are considered "tokens of aloha and acts of kindness" for the duration of the outbreak.
The temporary change was triggered by the surge in public support for those on the front lines.
The change applies only to police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and lifeguards employed by the city, since other first responders are outside the jurisdiction of the panel.

Stay well, stay inside, and take care, everyone.

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