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Close proximity . . .

. . .  lends support for the wayward pakalana.    Think I'll leave it there as the flower groups will look lovely in midair.    The little ti shoots show right behind in the same bucket.

Morning newspaper headline  :  TRANSFORMING TOURISM
Travel to Hawaii will be filled with new safety measures in a COVID-19 world.
Hawaii Tourism Authority President/CEO Chris Tatum said any industry recovery must include creating "world-class safety protocols that are supported by research and endorsed by the health experts."
The new normal is under development  . . .

And  :  Lawmakers push for tightened quarantine as visitor numbers climb
On Friday, 223 visitors flew to the islands, the most since quarantine began March26.  The lowest number of arriving tourists during the quarantine was 83 on April23, and the number has slowly been increasing since.

And  :  Honolulu under triple threat of flooding as sea level rises
A new study by researchers at University of Hawaii has found that Honolulu will be under increase siege by a triple threat of flood waters associated with escalating sea level rise in the decades ahead.  Direct flooding from ocean waves represents the smallest threat (3%), while flooding that emerges from the ground (groundwater inundation) appears to be the greatest.  
The study focused on three types of flooding linked to the high-tide events expected to challenge urban Honolulu :  flooding from water washing directly over the shoreline, groundwater inundation as the water table is pushed to the surface, and reverse flow through the municipal drainage system.
"Anyone who is planning to be here in the decades to come needs to start thinking about this now."
Just to give us something else to think worry about  . . 

Stay well, stay inside, and take care, everyone.

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