By USAHIhifriends

Intermediate wave

High broken overcast of matted dirty wool was being broken up by the wind.  An intermediate wave forming  on the wave face gives an interesting reflection of the bodyboarder underwater.

It's been a run-around morning (with mask in place) after communing with the waves at Sandy Beach.   Made a run to Costco and dropped it off for a friend, then went to pickup an ink cartridge, topped up my gas tank, dropped off magazines to another friend (we share them), and then to two grocery stores for what's on my list.   Found disinfectant wipes and dishwashing soap in stock, but rationed.   Brought home sushi for lunch.   A short nap made a big difference in my afternoon.

Morning newspaper headline  :  'SUPPORTIVE CARE' HEALED HIM
After spending about six weeks unconscious in a hospital while his body fought off a coronavirus infection, Ewa Beach resident and Waikiki bartender Coby Torda was able to mouth his desire for a backscratcher Sunday during a video chat with his family.   He had been in a coma from heavy sedatives to keep a ventilator tube in his throat after a tracheostomy.

And  :  Retailers await reopening as financial pain intensifies
Hawaii government leaders have taken cautious baby steps allowing a few more kinds of businesses to reopen last week, but financial burdens continue to pile up for retailers and restaurants.   
Hawaii's second-largest retail property landlord, Alexander & Baldwin, Inc., which owns 22 shopping complexes statewide, said that only 57% of rent from its retail and restaurant tenants was paid in April.
A&B primarily owns community retail complexes that serve the local population and are anchored by grocery stores that have stayed open as essential businesses during the pandemic.  The situation likely is much worse for malls anchored by department stores surrounded by apparel retailers, and for shopping centers focused on tourists.

And  :  Duane 'Dog' Chapman coming back after lying low
Now living part-time on the Big Island, the bail bondsman and bounty hunter plans to reprise his role in a new TV show "Beware of Dog".  The first episode is nearly completed.

Stay well, stay inside, and take care, everyone!!

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