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Also known as 'a fly', we have lots outside.

Morning newspaper headline  :  BACK TO CLASSROOM IN FALL
 University of Hawaii (all 10 of its campuses), Hawaii Pacific University, and Chaminade students will resume in-person instruction with modifications for the fall 2020 semester.

Also  :  Triage tent's removal a 'momentous' sign
Hawaii hospitals are resuming elective surgeries, reopening clinics, and removing coronavirus triage centers in the case of The Queen's Medical Center - a 'momentous' sign of hope that COVID-19 is no longer circulating widely in the community.    Queen's outdoor triage tent was erected seven weeks ago on March 12 to evaluate, test, and separate COVID-19-infected patients from the rest of the hospital population.

And  :  Recalling workers presents challenge in policy
A second wave of trouble could be headed for Hawaii's unemployment system still swamped by coronavirus-related jobless claims.
The state Dept. of Labor and Industrial Relations anticipates having to deal with appeals from displaced workers who are receiving unemployment checks that exceed what they can earn when employers decide to restore their pay.   
This challenge is expected on two fronts :
One scenario involves employers who are calling back workers as part of resuming full or partial operations after being forced to close or reduce business because of COVID-19.
The other scenario involves employers who received proceeds from the federal Paycheck Protection Program that can be used to resume paying workers for eight weeks even if they don't resume work because of coronavirus impacts.
The scenario of refusing to return to work is motivated by the financial gain because $600 in weekly federal unemployment pay added to the maximum weekly state benefit of $648, exceeds paycheck amounts for many workers ($1,248 weekly)!
A corollary is that the state is working to build another online portal so that employers can easily notify the agency if they have resumed paying an employee or offered to do so.   To alleviate logjams, the agency established online portals disconnected from the state mainframe system to receive claims and claim recertifications. 

And  :  Stay-at-home orders helping monk seal pups
To date, nine monk seal pups have been born in the main Hawaiian Islands since the start of 2020 - Oahu 4, Molokai 3, Kauai 1, and Hawaii Island 1.
In viewing guidelines for marine wildlife, NOAA has come up with the "rule of thumb" to determine how far to remain from a monk seal.  The viewer makes a "thumbs up" gesture and extends their arm straight out in front, then turns the thumb parallel to the ground in their line of sight of the seal.  If the thumb covers the entire seal, then the viewer is far enough (approx. 50-ft) away.     (rather nifty way to measure 50-ft)   The non-profit Hawaii Marine Animal Response recommends staying at least 150-ft away from moms with pups.

Gov Ige said he plans to sign an emergency proclamation today that will allow 'low-contact' retailers to reopen as long as they can minimize contact between employees and customers.   He did not say which retailers would be allowed to reopen.  Only businesses capable to maintaining proper social-distancing measures or conducting business online or at curbside are being considered.   The retailers are included in the first phase of a plan to cautiously and safely reopen the economy.

Stay well, stay inside, and take care, everyone.

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