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Lost and Found

Used the other side of the lifeguard tower to get down to the beach, rather than sliding steeply down the dune, and I was delighted to find this SUV perched on one of the posts that have been erected around the tower (have that shot in my backpocket for another day).    Also noticed another parking space marked reserved for lifeguard (now total 4 spaces) but its posted hours were not the same as the other (existing) 3  signs.   Life is just a mess of confusion at this point, and in the newspaper articles this morning, as well.

Morning newspaper headline  :  OPEN FOR BUSINESS
Some isle malls can reopen, but Oahu and Maui must wait
But read the fine print  . . .    Ige's seventh supplementary emergency proclamation will allow state residents to leave home to shop at the newly reopened "low risk" businesses starting Thursday, but retail sales will not begin on Oahu until May 15.
Shopping malls and most retail and repair shops also will not reopen in Maui County for at least the time being.
"The latest round of reopenings will include non-profit organizations; nonfood agricultural operations, including landscaping and flower farmers; astronomy observatories and their support facilities; car washes; and pet-grooming services."
Also allowed to reopen will be health care and social assistance businesses and wholesale and warehousing operations.
Evidently late Tuesday nite, Gov Ige announced his clarification re Oahu and Maui, saying only retailers and malls on Hawaii Island and Kauai will be allowed to open on Thursday.   
And in a backpage article :  Retailers happy, but many will not open on Thursday : interviewing and quoting all Oahu stores and only one on Big Island.

And  :  Hawaiian Air bleeds despite federal aid 
Hawaiian reported Tuesday that it lost $144.4 million in the first quarter of 2020 as compared to a gain of $36.4 million during first quarter of 2019.

And  :  Attorney general, prosecutors want inmate releases halted
State Attorney General Clare Connors and 3 of the state's 4 county prosecutors want a halt or at least a pause to a court-mandated push to release inmates from Hawaii's correction facilities.
She said, "I do believe that we need to reevaluate this current effort, not only in light of the fact that we have no COVID-19-positive cases in our prison system at this time, in light of the fact we have achieved some level of stability across the state, and in light of the fact that we have seven individuals who appear to have been released from custody and who have re-offended and, in some cases, have committed very serious crimes."        well . .   duh  . . .  just what did you expect . . . 

And a link to another well done Lee Cataluna column in the paper (here).

Stay well, stay inside, and take care, everyone.   
Keep your sense of humor receptive.

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